The cooperative

La cooperativa del Camp de San Salvador S.C.C.L (founded the year 1960) is formed by the grouping of most of the agriculturalists of the locality.

It was founded for the transformation and commercialization of the products that these agriculturalists produced; and also to stock up  all the material required for his crops (fertilizers, phytosanitary,...).


The cooperative offers an integral service to all his partners,  to provide them the best tools and material needed to maximize the performance of his crops. This service includes among others the sale of seeds, fertilizers,  and phytosanitary and also the storage and posterior sale of the grain.

The Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

One of the principal products that we produce is our Extra-Virgin Olive Oil,it is high quality product recognised with the seal "denominació d'Origen Protegida Les Garrigues". An olive oil that is directly obtains ftom the olive only by  mechanical procedures and which has a maximum acidity of 0.2%